Using the right tools for the right job

Using the right tools can be useful, but what are the right tools?

Not just another meeting

Pair programming is working together, it's blocking on my calendar, so why don't I think that it's yet another meeting taking up my time

Know your target, but focus on the next step

rather than look at that mountain of work to achieve a task/job/workout, take a look at what the smaller steps are and see if they help you get where you need to be, faster

Sometimes things go wrong

When things go wrong, sometimes you have to go with the flow

My Best Sprint Reviews

What awesome Sprint reviews feel like to me

Time Off

Sometimes you need to stop...


What I learnt about me whilst learning a new technology, and a new (spoken) language

Time to be me

Be yourself, you can't be anyone else.


From emails to (internal) blog posts


A quick post about issues with feedback

Practice Makes Perfect

The making of my unboxing video for my Dot Net Frontend Day speaker gift


Imposter Syndrome discussion

Setting up the Azure Environment

Step 1: Getting Started with Azure Command and Query Step 2 : Setting up the Azure Environment Co...

Getting Started with Azure Command and Query

Coding for the cloud can seem a mountainous challenge at the start. What resources do you need, how c...

How to get the most from pairing

I love working with my colleagues! Bouncing ideas off of each other, using my knowledge to supplement...

InsiderDev Tour Stockholm

A few weeks ago I attended the 2019 InsiderDevTour in Stockholm. A few reasons to get really excited:...

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